Let us tell you about our fresh vibe.

We wanted to create our ideal taco spot, one that was fast and fresh without sacrificing quality. We believe that starting from scratch is important, that’s why we make many of our items by hand every day, like flour and corn tortillas, sauces, pico de gallo, elote salad, and our salsas.

Our Salsa Verde is bright and refreshing with a zing that doesn’t overpower the other flavors. Our Inferno salsa is smoky and rich, starting off hot and getting even hotter. So hot that you might cry ‘uncle’ and wonder why you can’t stop eating it.

We didn’t stop at premium tacos that satisfy your cravings. We’ve worked to bring the same freshness to other Tex-Mex faves, like burritos, nachos, and more. There’s something for everyone here.

Always fast, always fresh, always Foxy.

That’s our goal and we promise to always do our best to deliver on it. Come and visit us! Try the tacos, have a ‘rita and just relax. We can’t wait to see you!